Monday, 19 March 2012

Autonomy IDOL10

Autonomy Appliance Server

Autonomy IDOL 10 enables organizations to understand and process 100% of information, structured and unstructured, in real time.

Autonomy’s next-generation information platform, Autonomy IDOL 10, is a single processing layer that enables organizations to extract meaning and act on all forms of information, including audio, video, social media, email and web content, as well as structured data such as customer transaction logs and machine-based sensor data. The platform combines Autonomy’s infrastructure software for automatically processing and understanding unstructured data with the high-performance, real-time analytics engine for extreme structured data from Vertica, an HP Company.

  • Manage-in-Place technology indexes all data where it resides eliminating copying requirements, storage costs, and hand-off risks
  • NoSQL interface provides single processing layer for cross-channel analytics of structured and unstructured data
  • Performance enhancements for Vertica Analytics Platform: sub-queries, database statistics, life cycle management, query optimization, data re-segmentation, and join filtering
  • Enhanced scalability and contraction of clusters greater than 20x faster in cloud, virtual, and physical deployments
  • Single processing layer for conceptual, contextual, real-time understanding of all data, inside and outside an enterprise
  • Combines the Autonomy IDOL core engine for automatic processing of unstructured data with Vertica’s high-performance real-time analytics engine for extreme structured data
  • Unique pattern-matching powered by statistical algorithms recognize distance in ideas, concepts, and context in real time
  • 5 new solution sets: HP Big Data Solutions, HP Social Media Solutions, HP Risk Management Solutions, HP Cloud Solutions and HP Mobility Solutions
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